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october 14, 1998
  Robby Gordon'slooking at options rock and roll
opinions vary like the wind

It's amusing to me to read some of the things posted on the internet. Iactually enjoy reading the "stuff", it's interesting to see how and whatshapes peoples opinions.

The media is an extremely powerful tool, either for you or against you. Onlyin America could Darryl Strawberry be single handedly run out of Los Angelesfor his inability to control his problems and find refuge in the Big Apple,where now he is viewed as a "hero" as he battles for his life against cancer.It's horrible that the guy had to get cancer to be considered a "hero".Opinions change like the wind, don't they.

Maybe, just maybe, Darryl is a helluva guy. I don't know him personally, butI would like to. There are many guys and gals in sport today who have anopportunity to succeed or fail with the media.

As for me, I have won and lost. Fortunately, if you keep fighting you canhave opportunity to earn back the respect. It is interesting to read thatsome people believe I have been handed all of my racing opportunities. It'salso interesting that some people think I bag on people who support me. Somepeople think I'm a gifted driver and some think I crash all the time. But hasanyone actually taken the time to get to know Robby Gordon? That's one of theideas behind this column. Peter has given me a chance present a side of RobbyGordon maybe you haven't seen.

When I take time to reflect back during my early 20's, I can only tell youthat I was slightly out of control. Ring a bell anyone? I don't want tocompare myself to anyone else because that's not legit, but I have over thecourse of the last year especially, moved to a different stage of my life.Some of it by choice and some of it by necessity.

Does that mean that I'm any less aggressive or any less competitive. You knowthe answer to that. What it means is that I am more seasoned and slightlyhumbled for sure.

How do you make those changes. Surround yourself with great people. In mostcases try to hire someone better than yourself. I've been fortunate to workwith some of the best people in the business this past year. They are thebest.

The old adage "You can't please all the people all of the time" certainlyrings true. However, it's way better to have more friends than enemies. Mygood friend once told me, "If half of the people love you and half of thepeople hate you, you're getting way to much media attention.

Before I sound my mouth off, I am making a concentrated effort to think aboutall the consequences. Sometimes that's way too much thinking and so it'sbetter to say nothing at all.

State your case, present the facts and stand on the gas.

Race On.Robby.Robby

the end

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"Somepeople think I'm a gifted driver and some think I crash all the time. But hasanyone actually taken the time to get to know Robby Gordon?"
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