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pointy shoes
Paul Tracy's helmet reveals why he may have had
a few 'incidents' in the recent past, getting
his feet tangled between pedals?

        Technical Info
lens   :   300mm f2.8 with 2x extender
 exposure   :   f5.6 1/500th sec
film   :   C41 100asa
flash   :   none
support   :   none
                              Photo Notes
The photo is a crop from a 600mm lens photo taken at close range in pit lane - equal to shooting about 1200mm at 20 feet from the subject. His helmet then does the fisheye effect for you. I didn't expect the image to come out this clear; I was mostly interested in that weird cartoon Tracy sticker on it. "Going too fast for ya?" is a question Christian Fittipaldi could answer.

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