Honda Grand Prix of Monterey
Featuring the Shell 300

  Laguna Seca Raceway

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  71 Photos © 1999 Peter Burke
  2 Photos © 1999 Phil Sedgwick
  1 Photo   © 1999 Phil Abbott/LAT
  1 Photo   © 1999 Lance Sherman/LAT
23 Sounds © 1999 Joseph Lawrence
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Sounds From Laguna Seca
  Hear on your computer what we heard while in pit lane or around the track at Laguna Seca. Below a shortcut menu to all files linked within this gallery from some of the images. These are the highest quality sound files of CART you will find anywhere: WAV files are true 44.1kHz, 16 bit stereo, and MP3 files are stereo compressed at 192kbit/sec (about 10:1 compression). Warning to modem users: these are big files!

Race-starved CART fans: Download these sound files, plug in a big stereo amplifier, close your eyes and turn up the volume until it hurts!
Choose from the menu below:
Accelerate (5 sec.)   WAV 875kb   MP3 121kb
Flying By (4sec.)   WAV 780kb   MP3 108kb
Corkscrew (14 sec.)   WAV 2,470kb   MP3 338kb
Double Flyby (8 sec.)   WAV 1,420kb   MP3 194kb
Fire Up (8 sec.)   WAV 1,520kb   MP3 209kb
First Lap (15 sec.)   WAV 2,705kb   MP3 370kb
Flyby 2 (4 sec.)   WAV 736kb   MP3 102kb
Flyby 3 (10 sec.)   WAV 1,838kb   MP3 252kb
Flyby 4 (6 sec.)   WAV 1,132kb   MP3 156kb
Green Flag (19 sec.)   WAV 3,325kb   MP3 454kb
Impact Wrench (2 sec.)   WAV 171kb   MP3 26kb
Last Pacelap (34 sec.)   WAV 5,983kb   MP3 815kb
Multi Flyby (10 sec.)   WAV 1,750kb   MP3 240kb
Nomansland (12 sec.)   WAV 2,125kb   MP3 291kb
Pit Out (8 sec.)   WAV 1,529kb   MP3 280kb
Pit Ambience (18 sec.)   WAV 3,220kb   MP3 439kb
Pits (13 sec.)   WAV 2,323kb   MP3 318kb
Practice Begins (15 sec.)   WAV 2,618kb   MP3 358kb
Revving Engine (1 sec.)   WAV 227kb   MP3 33kb
Triple Flyby (5 sec.)   WAV 963kb   MP3 133kb
Up the Hill (16 sec.)   WAV 2,823kb   MP3 963kb
Yellow Flag (24 sec.)   WAV 4,249kb   MP3 579kb


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