Milwaukee 1996 PPG Indy Car World Series

Race No. 7

Miller 200
West Allis, WI
June 2, 1996

Sunday Quotes from drivers and managers at the Mile:
Index of Quotes available

Vasser Pict #12 Target
Chip Ganassi Racing
Reynard Honda


"The car was loose, loose, loose. I can't believe it went loose like that after all the work we did to fight that and keep it from happening."

Moore Pict #99 Forsythe
Reynard Mercedes-Benz


"With five laps to go, we made a pit stop to correct an oversteer situation through adjusting the front wing. I think we overdid it a bit. Going back out, I was following Emerson coming out of turn four. The car got loose and I did a 180. The only way to prevent hitting the wall was to enter pit lane, which I did. I just drove through it and joined the pack."

Tracy Pict #3 Marlboro
Penske Mercedes


"My main concern was to get around Emerson. I thought it was my only shot at a podium finish. On the restart, I got around Emerson and Al, but I wasn't strong enough to hold off Al. I'm happy with third. My focus was getting around Emerson."

Andretti Pict #6 Kmart/Texaco/Havoline
Lola Ford Cosworth XD


"It was Al's day, but he made the choice of tires. It came down to luck. If I was in Al's shoes I would be a little upset since he dominated the race and got passed on the last couple of laps during a yellow. But that's the way it goes."

Unser Pict #2 Marlboro
Penske Mercedes


"Today it came down to who had hard Goodyear tires and who had soft Goodyear tires. My car was set up for the long runs, not a trophy dash"

"My tires weren't in [up to temperature] and his were [on the restart]. That was the difference. I was out of laps and I was out of time."

Johnstone Pict #49 Motorola
Reynard Honda
Brix Comptech Racing


"I started with a bang, and ended with a bang. This is the first time I have ever spun on an oval. Moore has done it twice in two weeks, but I have no desire to do it again! The car was loose and I started to roll on the throttle at the start. In my experience, in traffic with wake turbulence, the air comes mainly off the front of your car and you loose front end grip. This time the air came off the back, I lost rear downforce and the back end came around. I did a 360, dropped it down two gears and took off. Those eight years as chief instructor at Bondurant paid off!

"My first thought was 'spin and win,' but that was not to be the case. We were able to race with the guys running in fifth and tenth, but passing was another story. We had a better car that we had at Nazareth. Here we were able to do some racing, but the fast guys were able to lock it down mid corner and drive around us.

"On the last restart, I went inside Jeff a little too hot and got into Scott Pruett, but Jeff hit me and straightened me out.

"As our only second one mile oval race, this has effectively doubled our experience. In the transporter afterwards, we were talking about how with no New Hampshire, this is our last one mile oval of the year. It would actually be nice to do one more because I think the third time would be the charm. Nazareth was a learning experience and we made good progress this weekend on how to master these bull rings."