Video Tutorials for GRAW Editor   Links
Part 1:    Editor Basics; launch of edit mode and movement keys, sky environment, static object placement. 9:56 mins   Part 1 Download (112MB)
Part 2:    Low level of detal static tiles, props placement (snap to surface "planar" mode) 9:49 mins   Part 2 Download (128 MB)
Part 3:    more props - wall example with snap to grid, rotation, alignment 10:04 mins   Part 3 Download (134MB)
Part 4:    more on props placement, free rotation to avoid texture overlap flicker, snap to tilted surface 9:34 mins   Part 4 Download (130MB)
Part 5:    Electic menu, wire mode, dynamic objects (cars/trucks cover) 9:39 mins   Part 5 Download (130MB)
Part 6:    props brushes (grass, garbage, smoke, graffiti), sky environment, sound menu 9:49 mins   Part 6 Download (126MB)
Part 7:    Multiplayer menu - map dimensions, spawn and zulu zone definition, zones.xml 9:07 mins   Part 7 Download (106MB)
Part 8:    Building the AI graphs (human and vehicle graph) 9:59 mins   Part 8 Download (134MB)
Part 9:    finishing AI graph, trigger areas, area naming scheme for scripting 10:01 mins   Part 9 Download (114MB)
Part 10:    areas continnued 6:49 mins   Part 10 Download (92MB)
Part 11:    placing human AI on map, movement types (guard, moveguard recon, pingpong, loop) 8:16 mins   Part 11 Download (119MB)
Part 12:    human AI continued, (sniper orders, guard circle permimeter, naming convention for randomizer) 10:05 mins   Part 12 Download (81MB)
Part 13:    vehicle spawns (vehicle placement, crew and passengers, destination coordinates), saving data to external temp files 7:38 mins   Part 13 Download (81MB)
Part 14:    exporting a map to create ai.grph file, minimap file, draft lightmaps, first test walk 7:00 mins   Part 14 Download (74MB)
Part 15:    exported bundle extraction process to access files in exported map, working in world.xml and recycling of existing script file 9:32 mins   Part 15 Download (70MB)
Part 16:    scripting vehicle destinations, bunlder.exe - combining edited map pieces into new playable map bundle 8:46 mins   Part 16 Download (60MB)
Part 17:    invincible test mode, first test of spawns, fixing spawn problems in script and world file, rebundling and testing again 10:10 mins   Part 17 Download (112MB)
Part 18:    bundler summary, and explanation of what can be edited in the unbundled map file tree 5:20 mins   Part 18 Download (22MB)
Part 19:    Basic area creation, mk19 and .50 calsetup, 6:22 mins   Part 10 Download (36MB)
Part 20:    scripting a basic spawn 9:21 mins   Part 20 Download (18MB)
Part 21:    testing script in game after re-bundling 9:05 mins   Part 21 Download (48MB)