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Welcome to SpeedCenter's 1997 Trivia Game

After Much Delay, the Results are Finally Online!


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Very big thanks to Earl Ma for putting this Trivia together! Also to Bill Patterson and George Dalby of MultiVex Mirrors for supporting the contest.

Winners will be contacted by email in the next few days.

Also: there won't be a 1998 version of this trivia, because the extremely low participation in 1997 . The amount of work needed to put this Trivia together compared to other interactive areas on SpeedCenter was far too much to call for a repeat.  




Original entry rules:

Some ground rules:

Except where noted for certain individual questions, all drivers considered are those who competed in the 1996 PPG IndyCar World Series. All answers are based on the 1996 season - anything that may affect answers during the 1997 season does not apply.

Questions are worth 1 point each. No partial credit for incorrect written responses or extra credit for being verbose.

This test is not graded on a curve. All grades are final. Winners will be declared based on highest scores. Tie break questions are available in case of multiple entries scoring the same top score. Tie break rules will be announced after the deadline for this round, if needed. Some prizes will be available to all entrants, regardless of score. Those will be awarded by random drawing.

You may resubmit your responses as often as you wish before the deadline, but you must resubmit responses to all 100 questions each time, not just the answers you wish to change. Please make sure you indicate in the answer form if your entry is a resubmittal.

Only submissions mailed in with our Trivia Form are acceptable. You can download text and MS Word documents of the questions as worksheets while looking for some hard to find answers, but your final sumbission must be made using our form. No free form email responses will be accepted.

Trivia entry deadline is midnight June 30th, 1997. Winners will be announced within 4-6 weeks after the deadline. After announcing the winners, the answers will remain posted, and the trivia will remain available for those who missed the deadline but would like to test their knowledge in comparision with our winners.

And remember - even if you think you have no chance of answering all questions to have a shot at the top three prizes, you can still submit a blank form with your personal information to be entered into the random drawing for the mirrors.