I’m Peter Burke, a German IT specialist and occasional photographer of cars, events, and places, working in the United States. I used to do this photo thing more seriously in the past, and may do so again in the future. Right now, I am just keeping the old speedcenter.com domain alive as a portfolio of my work with the camera.

I worked in CART/Champcar during the golden years of US open wheel racing, when CART was putting on a show that rivaled Formula 1. After a long hiatus, I’ve recently focused on vintage racing, but never lost touch with the big boys in Indycar and IMSA.

2020 is a turning point in my current career and I am thinking of returning to full time motorsports photography as one of the paths I may choose, so in 2018 and the coming 2 years, I plan to do more events to build relationships in the industry. You’ll find the images from that work here on SpeedCenter, just like back in the 90s when this site was where people went to get their Champcar photo fix.