You found the site, yes, SpeedCenter is still around. The focus has shifted from reporting about the Champcar series to automotive and racing photography in general, possibly some other photography themes.

At this point, SpeedCenter is more of a portfolio site than anything. It always has been a vehicle for me to publish my photography and get the required media credentials to be allowed to do so. At times having to be a “media outlet” to be able to shoot photos was quite a tedious drag, but from a different angle, it allowed me to shoot whatever the heck I liked to shoot, with no editor telling me what he wanted. Pros and cons, eventually all moot when the money left Champcar and continuing to spend my own money to report about a failing series wasn’t a wise thing to do.

So at this point in time I am not sure if the effort to build something elaborate under this domain is worth the effort, but once I figure out how this WordPress thing works, I may actually put some interesting content up.

The old SpeedCenter news site as last updated over 15 years ago is still available in the Archive section, for which I will add a menu item. Search engines do get redirected to the new fire path, and some galleries have been added by simply routing traffic to my Flickr album for those races that were never published in the original SpeedCenter days.

Initially I plan to add some recent racing photo content, a portfolio section, and perhaps a blog about my Mini Coopers, as I am getting to a level of tinkering with those that it almost becomes necessary to blog about that stuff. There are other interests such as landscape photography I do want to elaborate on, but those have little to do with speed, so I’ll probably keep that content elsewhere.

I’m still dabbling with themes in WordPress, so for now this is all temporary. Don’ t know if I want to pay for a theme, given I know how to do html myself, but this WordPress environment is new to me.